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Dealing with Life's Unexpected Events

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When you, and your loved ones, are dealing with life's unexpected events, money is usually an issue. 


Life Events

  • buying a home 

  • home renovations

  • having or adopting a child

  • paying for education

  • marriage, separation, or divorce

  • starting a business

  • supplementing retirement income

  • loss of employment

  • unexpected illness, injury, or disability

  • saving for a loved one with a disability

  • having enough money to pay for long-term care or home care

  • end of life care

  • death of a loved one

Unfortunately, much of your money may be locked away in your home (home equity), or invested in a variety of investments that may have taxable consequences.


  1. Business or corporate assets

  2. Equity in your principal residence

  3. Equity in investment or rental properties

  4. Life Income Funds

  5. Life Insurance Policies

  6. Locked-In Retirement Accounts

  7. Registered Retirement Savings Accounts

  8. Registered Retirement Income Funds

  9. Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Let me help you access these assets while complying with Canada Revenue Agency rules and regulations.

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