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Reverse Mortgage Specialist 

  I Am a Reverse Mortgage Specialist With the Designation of Elder Planning Counselor.

Have you been considering a reverse mortgage? Call a trusted home loan agent before you answer any aggressive reverse mortgage ads. It may be the right choice, but it should be considered with all the pros and cons in mind.


Reverse Mortgage Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a secured loan that uses your home's equity to put money into your hands. The terms for each reverse mortgage can vary, but the general idea is that an elderly person can live in their home for the duration of their life and the home will be left to the bank in the end.

  • Can you sell a home with a reverse mortgage? As a rule, yes. Unless the terms of the mortgage specify that you cannot sell your home but this is unusual. When/if you do sell your home that has a reverse mortgage you simply pay the bank off that holds the mortgage and you keep the rest of the income from the house sale.

  • What if you "outlive" the reverse mortgage? No. No reverse mortgage should be written with an expiration date. This is not done although it is a very common question among people considering taking out one.

  • What are some pros/cons? The main pro is that you receive money to help you live more comfortably while still living in your home. The main con is that you have to be careful of the terms, and you do not have the home to leave to your descendants.


The decision to get a reverse mortgage is one that should not be taken lightly and just like any loan situation you should strive to get the best terms. As a reverse mortgage specialist with an EPC designation, I am here to look out for your best interest if you choose to go this route. Call today to learn more or to set up a consultation to discuss other loan options.

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