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Mortgage Professional

Talk to A Mortgage Professional Before You Put in That First Offer, Agree to Any Terms, or Are Late on Any Payment.

Do not make any big mortgage decisions without speaking to a mortgage professional. As a mortgage advisor, I have seen it all and I can help navigate you away from some common mistakes that are made by people shopping for and juggling current mortgages.


I do not only work with people looking to buy a home or property. I offer loan counseling, in fact, I am an elder planning counselor. If you want to take out an additional mortgage on your home, contact me to discuss your options and plan how much you can borrow. If you are thinking about buying a vacation property, let us run the numbers to find out exactly what you can afford. If you are facing a late mortgage payment and are feeling hopeless, schedule a consultation to analyze your options with a mortgage advisor who has seen it all.


I understand how little things can make a difference when applying for a mortgage or a loan product. And you may be surprised at some of the things that can affect your rates, your credit score, and your overall spending. Let a mortgage professional analyze your loan paperwork if it has already been drawn, and help you get the best rates to begin with if the paperwork is not already on the table. You stand to lose a lot of money in interest if just one thing is off about your mortgage paperwork so be sure to call in an expert to advocate for you, even if it is not me.

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