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Mortgage Agent

Buying a New Home is Exciting, Make Sure You Have a Trusted Mortgage Agent in Your Corner.

The excitement of buying a new home may blind you to the details of your loan. I see it all the time. The prize that you have worked so hard to earn is right in front of you. You did your background work, you built your credit up, you have your down payment, and you found the house of your dreams. Don't drop the ball in the last quarter, contact a mortgage expert to make sure you get the best rates possible.


I work with many lenders to make sure that you get the best mortgage options when it comes time to buy a home in Barrie, Ontario. As a middleman between you and the lender's I am not trying to make that sale, so you will be dealing with an advocate for your best interests and interest. We can't all be mortgage experts, you have enough on your plate. Contact me to look over your mortgage papers before you sign, or if you already have a mortgage contact me to see if your terms are great or if you should consider refinancing your loan in the future.


A homeowner can literally save thousands or lose as much depending on the terms of their loan. Be sure to be on the saving end by turning to a mortgage professional you can trust. Contact me today to discuss your current mortgage, your future home buying plans, or to be put in touch with trusted lenders and fair rates for your next home loan. No matter if you are in the process, give me a call, and we can chat strategy for your best terms when it comes to making your home dreams come true in 2020.

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