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 Elder Planning Counselor

  When Do You Need an Elder Planning Counselor?

People of all ages need mortgage loans and help to navigate loan products for a variety of reasons. I am a designated elder planning counselor. This means I am trained and qualified to answer questions specifically about financing for the maturing adult. If you are wondering about a particular aspect of your estate planning, finances, assets, or mortgage feel free to contact me today.


What is a designated Elder Planning Counselor? This is a designation that lets clients know that the mortgage advisor is qualified, knowledgeable, and trustworthy when it comes to helping people of all ages plan their estates and make long and short term decisions concerning money matters. After a person is trained to be more knowledgeable about the financial needs of the elderly they can better answer all the questions that come their way, and be a better-rounded mortgage advisor.


Because people of all ages need mortgage loans it is important that a mortgage expert is trained to properly help a couple who is buying their first home as well as a couple who is looking to buy a vacation condo or get a reverse mortgage on their primary residence. I can guide people from all walks of life of all ages who are interested in receiving the best mortgage rates available, call today.

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